• School-Based Equity Team:

    The College Heights school-based equity team is a group of committed individuals with the goal of ensuring that each child receives what they need to reach their academic and social potential. We will do this through:

    • Engagement in professional learning related to diversity, equity, and inclusion
    • Review and discussion of school and student data
    • Advisement and support of the school's Equity Action Plan and School Improvement Plan
    • Prioritizing action steps

    Equity Team Purpose: 

    At College Heights, our goal is to provide an equitable, accessible, and high-quality learning environment for all of our learners and families. We will center our efforts in these areas:

    • Dismantling harmful or inequitable practices and policies and creating a truly inclusive multicultural school environment for adults and children
    • Supporting each other through growth in areas of anti-racism and inclusion
    • Engaging in and reflecting on inclusive language and examining personal and cultural biases 
    • Embedding anti-racist and inclusive practices within all areas of our teaching and community efforts 
    • Close examination of developmentally appropriate materials and resources

    2023-2024 Equity Team Leadership:

    Sarah Garland



    Erynn Mathews- Davis

    Instructional Coach


    Candace Jones-Boynton

    Preschool Lead Teacher


    Leslie Joiner

    Media Clerk


    Bianca Cheatham

    Pre-K Lead Teacher


    Asia Sylvest

    One Year Olds Lead Teacher