• The Winnona Park Equity Team is committed to dismantling racism within education by examining policies and procedures, engaging in courageous conversations, modeling empathy, and empowering students to take a stand for justice.


    Equity Team Members:

    Greg Wiseman (Principal)

    Kelly Stopp (IC) 

    Carrie Beauchamp (Specials)

    CJ Johnson (Para)

    Valencia Johnson (Para)

    Rachel Sigmon (EIP)

    Liz Nicholson (ESS)

    Beth Cannon (ESS)

    Monica Blackmon (1st)

    Martina Baerman (2nd)

    Meg Huntington (Counselor)

    Laura Pitts (K)

    Kelsey Gee (K)

    Jessica Miller (2)

    Lisset Rodes (Specials)