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    K-3 Schools: Clairemont, Glennwood, Oakhurst, Westchester, and Winnona Park.

    The size of our district allows principals, instructional coaches, and teachers to learn and plan together on a regular basis, ensuring consistent, high-quality instruction at all schools in our district. Additionally, every K-3 school is part of the EL Education network of schools and shares the commitment to the mastery of academic skills, content, high-quality work, and the development of character. While each school has a unique flavor, they are all exceptional, and that success has contributed to the rapid growth of our district. Due to rising enrollments and the limited size of our buildings, your child will be placed at the K-3 school closest to your residence with available space. This is a practice that the City Schools of Decatur has used for many years to lessen the need for temporary classroom space at our schools. We look forward to partnering with you on your child’s educational journey.

    4/5 Academy at Fifth Avenue

    Renfroe Middle School

    Decatur High School


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