• College Heights immerses children in high quality literature and helps them engage in the initial experiences young children require to become readers and writers as they grow. We believe in presenting children with authentic experiences in which they can interact with a variety of texts and for a variety of real life purposes. Our classrooms incorporate texts around themes that encourage children to connect what they are reading in books to their play and learning in the classroom. 
    At home, we encourage families to read together every day. Take the time to notice print in the environment and draw your child's attention to it for discussion. All children (even babies!) benefit from time sitting in a parent's lap with a book and connecting this experience of reading with a positive bonding experience. Let children select books that interest them, and tailor your reading time to the attention span of the child. With infants and toddlers, this may mean pointing out some interesting illustrations and naming things for a few pages of a book. With older preschoolers, you may be able to read through entire picture books. Act out the parts, use funny voices, and allow for lots of wiggles. These early literacy experiences should be enjoyable for all involved. 
    Visit our school library and check our books! Mrs. Joiner loves helping people find the perfect books to engage children. For more ideas on family literacy activities, try this website: