• Winnona Park Elementary is an EL Education School (formerly known as Expeditionary Learning). EL Education is an instructional model adopted by all K-2 schools in the City Schools of Decatur. It is an outstanding school reform model that is the product of a collaboration between Outward Bound and the Harvard School of Education.  All City Schools of Decatur K-2 schools are proud to be part of the EL Education network of schools. 


    Winnona Park Vision Statement:

    We will build the foundation for a better world by: 

    • engaging students as active learners

    • fostering empathy and compassion for all living things

    • promoting collaboration through appreciation of multiple and diverse perspectives

    School Colors: Purple & Gold   School Mascot: Whiskers the Wildcat
    School Hours: 8:20-2:50
    Arrival: Doors open at 8:00 and breakfast will be served from 8:00-8:20 am.


    “We are Crew, Not Passengers!”

    -Kurt Hahn, founder, Outward Bound/Expeditionary Learning

    At Winnona Park, students, staff, and families make up the Crew.  In Outward Bound and in EL Education, the Crew is responsible for the entire journey.  In fact, without their individual and collaborative effort, the journey cannot happen to its fullest.  The Crew reaches the destination as a team.