Decatur Student Center Overview

  • The Decatur Student Center (DSC) provides wrap-around services beyond the scope of the school counseling program. The DSC began at the high school but has become a K-12 district initiative to address the needs of students, pre-K through 12th. The program has two physical locations, the DSC @ DHS and the DSC @ BHMS.

    Students can receive individual and small group counseling for social-emotional concerns, as well as support for academics and post-secondary planning. Programming needs are determined through surveys, data review, and student voice. The DSC provides services through CSD therapists and contracts with outside therapists and organizations, as well as through collaborative programs with Georgia State University's Community Mental Health Program. The two physical centers also offer a clothing closet, hygiene products, school supplies, and support for food insecurity.

    All DSC personnel are mandated reporters under O.C.G.A. §19-7-5. 


    DSC Referrals

    Students can self-refer for services or be referred by a friend, teacher, parent, or concerned community member. Referrals are anonymous unless the person chooses to identify themselves.  DSC personnel review referrals and connect the student with the appropriate resource(s).


    Decatur High School Referral Link

    Beacon Hill Middle School Referral Link

    Elementary Referral Link

Contact Us

  • Decatur Student Center Counselor @ DHS
    Kimberly Evans

    Decatur Student Center Counselor @ BHMS