Math Overview

  • Mathematics is a discipline that has lifelong implications and application. A comprehensive mathematics education is essential to achieve our goal of cultivating and nurturing critical thinkers who are ethical and inspired to make the world a better place. 

    • We believe that students become mathematically proficient when they develop both conceptual understanding and procedural fluency.
    • We believe all students should be engaged in rigorous mathematics instruction.
    • We believe that students should have agency in their mathematical learning
    • We believe that students should leave City Schools of Decatur with mathematical instruction that has prepared them for future coursework and/or careers
    • We believe that quality mathematics instruction is engaging, promotes productive struggle, includes opportunities for meaningful connections, is interactive, promotes a growth mindset, includes  purposeful differentiation and that students should have the opportunity to experience the joy of mathematics. 

Goals of the CSD District Math Action Plan

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  • Director of Math and Science

    Ms. Jennifer Dunn Ed.S

    404-371-3601 X 1052

CSD New Math Pathways beginning in August 2023

  •       The process to review and revise our math pathways began in 2020 during our virtual teaching and learning time due to the Covid-19 closure.  In August of 2020, our City Schools of Decatur District Math Team consisting of school and teachers leaders from across K-12 began the math program review. As part of that review process, the team recommended a review and revision of our policies and practices around math acceleration. Throughout SY 21-22, the District math team met several times to read the research, look at data (both student data and input from teachers), and discuss how we could improve our policies and practices around math accelerations. In the meantime, the GaDOE released the courses that would be aligned with the new Ga math standards along with recommendations for math pathways that begin in August of 2023. 

    To learn more about the new Pathways & Standards please visit the following links:

    CSD Math Pathways starting August 2023

    CSD Math Pathways FAQ

    Decision-Making Guide for Pathways

    Decision Guide for Students: Math Course

    We would love feedback on the new pathways.

    Feedback on Pathways


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