• Bookbags

    This year, we are going back to our "no bags in classrooms" policy with one exception, they CAN bring clear bags into the classrooms. The wording in the school handbook will be:

      • Book bag definition: Any bag that contains books/notebooks or is large enough to contain those items. One exception to this definition is a container designed specifically for a laptop (or other personal technology) that is only used to carry personal technology. Small opaque bags for storing personal items, such as purses and fanny packs are allowed.
      • Students may carry any kind of book bag to school. Students can carry clear book bags during the school day. Opaque book bags must be stored in lockers and may not be transported around the school.


  • Lockers

    • If a student needs/wants a locker, they will be assigned a locker the first week of school with permanent combinations at no cost to the student. The sharing of a locker by two or more students is not permitted, as students are responsible for all of the contents in the lockers assigned to them.  The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items stored in lockers.  The procedure for reserving lockers will be communicated in the first week of school.
    • Lockers are the property of the school system and can be searched at the discretion of the school personnel. Lockers containing personal locks may be cut, if necessary, during a search, in which case the school will not be held liable for replacement of the personal lock.
    • If a student is having trouble with their locker, they should come to the main office and ask for a custodian to clear the jam. If a student is in need of a new locker please contact the assistant principal in charge of lockers in the administration duties section of the handbook.