• Families- we have moved the typical beginning of the school year household data update, medical forms, opt-out forms, and handbook sign-offs to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. 

    It is important for parents or guardians to log into the parent portal and complete these forms before the start of school. Please note, only parents and guardians in the primary household will have access to fill out the information for the annual data update. Please review the 2022-2023 K-12 District Handbook and Code of Conduct and Restorative Practices Handbook.


    Directions for accessing the data update:


    1. Log in to the parent portal

    2. Once you are logged, click more on the bottom left.

    3. Then, click Annual Data Update

    4. Move through the questionnaire reviewing and updating all the required fields marked with a red asterisk.

    5. Once complete click save/continue.

    6. Follow the same process for each of your children.

    7. Click Submit to finalize the update.



    I do not remember my Infinite Campus login

    • Use the “Forgot Password?” or “Forgot Username?” links on the Parent Portal sign-in page to try to recover your login information.

    • If the above doesn’t work, please contact Ms. Jones at 404-370-4170 Ext. 2165 OR rjones1@csdecatur.net

    When I access the form, I get an error message that says I cannot complete the form OR the form is missing.

    • The ADU must be completed by a member of a student's PRIMARY household. If you are experiencing an error and are - or should be - recorded as a primary household member, please use the form below. If you are NOT a member of the student's primary household, please communicate with a parent/guardian who is and ensure they submit the ADU for the student.

    • Please report any ADU errors here. A member of the counseling or IT team will respond.

    I do not see the equipment loan/agreement for a Chromebook -- where can I find it so that I read what I am agreeing to?

    The equipment loan terms are included in the K-12 Student and Families Handbook, along with other vital information. You'll also be provided a link to the handbook and other CSD documents while completing the ADU.