• Dear Glennwood Families,

    Welcome to Glennwood Elementary, home of the Eagles! We are excited that you are joining us for the 2023-2024 school year. As we prepare for your child’s arrival, we would like to share this important information in the hopes that it will give answers to many of the topics you may be pondering. We look forward to an amazing school year! As always, we are available by phone and email to address any school-related needs you may have.


    Glennwood Elementary is proud to be an EL Education school. For over 25 years, EL Education has been bringing to life a three-dimensional vision of student achievement that includes Mastery of Knowledge and Skills (MKS), High Quality Work and Character. Our school vision is that our classrooms are student-centered communities with evidence of perseverance, collaboration and craftsmanship. We believe that students should be leaders of their own learning and that we are Crew, not passengers. You will see and hear many references to Crew as we move through our school year. We will provide opportunities throughout the year for families to learn more about what it means to be part of an EL school community!


    Intentional teaching/learning practices, racial equity, shared school governance as well as personal and collective accountability will be our continued focus this school year. Our Crew is sure to achieve success in our academic and social-emotional pursuits!


    We have a phenomenal administration team here at Glennwood. Summer Clayton is our Assistant Principal; Jill Tolsma is our Instructional Coach; Jonathan Blase is our School Counselor and Michelle Reynolds is our School Manager. All can help with any questions or concerns you might have.


    We are looking forward to welcoming our students and families to Glennwood. It is going to be the best school year yet!



    Dr. Holly M. Brookins 




    dr brookins