Arrival and Dismissal Photo

Family Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

  • Arrival Procedures

    • 8:00     Drop off time

                       Staff is on duty at the carpool line (the parking lot by the cafeteria door)

    Breakfast is open

    • 8:10     1st bell — Students are escorted to their classrooms.  

    • 8:20     2nd bell — School begins

             Students will be considered tardy if they               arrive after 8:20 AM 

    • On Fridays Community Circle will start at 8:20 AM and end around 8:50 AM. 

             We hope you will join us on Fridays as we           celebrate our learning from the week.


    Dismissal Procedures

    • 2:45 End of day Announcements/Students transition to their dismissal spots

    • 2:47 Bus riders (pick up is in front of the school)

    • 2:50 Car riders (pick up is in the CL parking lot loop)

             To support traffic flow, you will only be                 able to enter the parking lot coming from             Michigan Ave. Do not attempt to pull into             the parking coming from Clairemont Ave.             You will be waived on if you come from               that direction. 

    • 2:55 Walkers (pick up is in front of the school to the right hand side)

    • Students will be escorted to the appropriate dismissal spots.

    • All staff will be on duty for dismissal.

    • Please submit a dismissal change of plans to your child’s teacher in writing with a note in the communication folder or via email, at least a day in advance. It is very difficult to make changes the day of. Last minute changes

      should be communicated via a call to the office. 

    • If you are checking your child out early, you need to report to the office, and we will call your child from class to meet you.

    • We will not release any students to adults who are not on the emergency contact form or in Infinite Campus.

    • If your child is a walker, make sure to make verbal contact with the teacher on duty so that he/she knows you are taking your child. We want to make sure we are clear when children are being released to the parent/guardian.