Children are free to express their personalities and style through their clothing, but we do have some guidelines:

    • Because students have recess and PE everyday where they use the playground, we recommend that students wear tennis shoes and not crocs or sandals. The right shoes help prevent falls and scrapes on the playground and in hallways. 
    • Shoes with wheelies are not allowed at school.
    • Shorts, skorts, or skirts should not be shorter than your child's fingertips when they put their arms straight down their sides.
    • We have ample air conditioning, so tank tops or tops with thin shoulder straps should not be worn.
    • During colder weather, make sure your child has a hat and gloves and an extra layer to keep warm during PE and recess times, especially those earlier in the day.
    • Students and staff wear Glennwood spirit wear on Fridays.
    • We request that all parent send an extra set of clothing in your child's locker especially for kindergarten students.