• CSD COVID-19 Safety, Facilities, and Healthy Schools Manual


    This procedure manual, although complete in scope, remains a living document. Opportunities remain open for members of our community to raise concerns, seek clarification, or bring forward new ideas. At the same time, this document will allow us to move forward in our planning with the aim of reducing the struggles of children and youth under pandemic conditions while maximizing the ability of adults to stay safe and keep the young people entrusted to them safe.

    This manual serves as a support for our schools and district to effectively mitigate the spread of COVID-19 once students and staff return to our buildings for in-person, face-to-face instruction. The purpose of this manual is to establish clear, usable criteria and procedures for school administrators, school nurses, and all CSD staff to follow regarding mitigation procedures in CSD.


    Click Here for the CSD Health and Safety Manual

     (Updated 3.17.21)