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  • School social workers play a crucial role in fostering the overall well-being and academic achievement of every student. Their essential services are aimed at tackling obstacles that hinder learning, fostering healthy relationships among students, families, and school personnel, and championing equal access to resources and opportunities. Through their unwavering commitment and specialized knowledge, they play a pivotal role in establishing secure, supportive, and welcoming educational settings conducive to the success of all learners. By addressing various challenges that students may face, school social workers actively work to dismantle barriers to learning. They serve as advocates, ensuring that students have the necessary support to overcome social, emotional, and academic hurdles. Moreover, they cultivate positive connections within the school community, fostering an environment where students feel valued and understood. Through their efforts, they lay the groundwork for inclusive spaces where diversity is celebrated, and every student's unique needs are recognized and addressed.



Degrees and Certifications:

Ed. D Curriculum Studies

Dr. Melvin Ratcliff, District Lead School Social Worker

My Why: My why in doing this work, comes from my belief that all people no matter their backgrounds, circumstances, or challenges they may be facing should be treated with dignity and respect. As a school social worker, I support autonomy and self-determination. This involves recognizing and honoring people's right to make choices about their own lives and helping them find the resources to have success in life.

My Role: As the Lead School Social Worker, I ensure protocols are in place regarding student well-being and success through crisis intervention, providing immediate support during emergencies like student suicides or traumatic events. I support School Social Workers to advocate students' rights, particularly for those with disabilities or from diverse backgrounds, while collaborating with educators to create inclusive learning environments and offering consultation on behavioral issues. I ensure data collection enables the school social work team to gather information on student outcomes, enhancing services and data-informed decision-making. In summary, I lead school social workers to excel in crisis intervention, advocacy, collaboration, and data collection to support students, families, and staff alike.


  • The Role of the School Social Worker - The role of the school social worker is instrumental in promoting the overall well-being and success of students within the educational setting. School social workers serve as advocates, counselors, and coordinators of resources to address the diverse needs of students, families, and communities. One of their primary responsibilities is to provide individual and group counseling to support students in overcoming social, emotional, and behavioral challenges that may impact their academic performance and overall functioning.

    School social workers also play a crucial role in assessing and addressing the various factors that may affect students' well-being, such as family dynamics, socioeconomic issues, mental health concerns, and community resources. They collaborate with school personnel, families, and external agencies to develop comprehensive plans and interventions that promote students' academic success and social-emotional development.

    Furthermore, school social workers are often involved in crisis intervention and prevention efforts, providing support and guidance during times of emotional distress, trauma, or behavioral crises. They work closely with school administrators and other stakeholders to create safe and inclusive environments that foster positive relationships and social connections among students.

    In addition to direct student services, school social workers contribute to school-wide initiatives by designing and implementing programs focused on bullying prevention, conflict resolution, peer support, and character development. They also conduct assessments and evaluations to identify students' strengths and needs, informing decision-making processes and the development of individualized support plans.

    Overall, the role of the school social worker is pivotal in addressing the complex social, emotional, and environmental factors that influence students' well-being and academic success. Their dedication to promoting equity, advocacy, and empowerment makes them essential members of the school community.

Meet the Team

Phone: x. 1066


Degrees and Certifications:


Ms. Madison Bobbitt

Location: Wilson Center and/or Clairemont Elementary, Talley Street, College Heights, Westchester
My WHY: I didn't choose the field of Social Work, I truly believe Social Work chose me! I am committed to empowering individuals and families to find the tools within themselves to face life's challenges with dignity.



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Nicole Jefferson

Location: Glennwood, FAVE, Oakhurst, Winnona Park

My Why: My why in doing this work is that I am helping to spread inspiration for a brighter tomorrow.  As a school social worker, I strive to give students and families hope that better is possible. I am a walking demonstration of hope, love, and faith.  The students and families I serve have the capacity for change and I have an intrinsic hope that things can and will improve.



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Raven Aderibigbe

Location: Decatur High School and Decatur Virtual Academy

My Why: I became a social worker because I believe that everyone has the potential to grow and be resilient. As a social worker, I want to be that positive force helping individuals achieve their fullest potential. I truly enjoy advocating and empowering those who are facing challenges.

Phone: 404-623-3611


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Social Work from University of Georgia Masters of Social Work from Portland State University

Mr. John Howarth

Location: Varies
My WHY: I do this work to stand with individuals and families as they overcome challenges and strive to reach their full potential.
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    Dr. Melvin Ratcliff

    District Lead Social Worker and Beacon Hill Middle School 

    Nicole Jefferson

    Glennwood, FAve, Oakhurst, Winnona Park

    Madison Bobbitt

    Talley, ECLC, Westchester, Clairemont

    Raven Aderibigbe

    Decatur High School and Decatur Virtual Academy

    John Howarth (Sub)

    Supports all CSD Schools