Textbook Adoption - English / Language Arts

  • Parents and community stakeholders are invited to view presentations from the vendors of the ELA textbooks currently under public review. Please see the virtual vendor presentation dates/times below.

    Virtual Vendor Recorded presentations

    K-5 Recording 

    Passcode: UJ.6yTEE


    Passcode: 50VF#Uk@

    Parent Survey Link- K-5, 6-8

    Staff Survey Link- K-5, 6-8

K-8 ELA Textbook Adoption

  • During the 2023-2024 school year, CSD will review resources for textbook adoption for English Language Arts in Grades K-8.  The public review process closes on March 25, 2024.


    For the K-5 ELA program adoption, there are three options to support foundational skills and knowledge building.

    Option #1: Wit and Wisdom bundled with Fundations

    Option #2: Amplify CKLA (knowledge and skills block)

    Option #3: Amplify CKLA knowledge block bundled with Fundations


    For the 6-8 ELA program adoption, there are three options:

    Option #1: HMH Into Literature

    Option #2: Savvas My Perspectives

    Option #3: Amplify ELA

K-5 ELA Resources

6-12 ELA Resources