Operations Division


    The City Schools of Decatur Operations Division oversees the effective and efficient operations of the school district, providing support in areas such as facilities maintenance, custodial services, school nutrition, transportation, safety and security, sustainability, surplus and acquisitions, nursing, capital construction improvement, renovations, and modifications projects. Additionally, the division is responsible for space design, planning and utilization, facility rentals, and recycling programs.

    Organizational Effectiveness and Excellence serve as the division's guiding principles. The City Schools of Decatur strive to diminish their carbon footprint and environmental impact through sustainable operations, decreased dependence on non-renewable resources, and the guarantee of ADA accessibility. Additionally, they enhance safety and security systems, evaluate and implement standard operating procedures, and pursue best practices.

    The aim of the Operations Division is to develop and implement efficient operational procedures that fully support the teaching and learning process. This commitment to excellence ensures that students and staff have a positive and safe environment that fosters positive learning.

    Facilities and Maintenance Department

    The Facilities and Maintenance Department is dedicated to maintaining buildings to a high standard, providing reliable service to our customers: students, parents, staff, and the community. Our goal is to keep buildings running efficiently and productively. We oversee the maintenance of infrastructure elements, ensuring their proper operation. This includes proactive, preventive, and corrective maintenance for building structures, exteriors, interiors, roof systems, elevators, lifts, plumbing systems, HVAC, and electrical systems. The department manages work orders, repairs, life cycle assessments, compliance, environmental testing, remediations, abatements, water testing, and indoor air quality (IAQ) testing.

    Custodian Department

    Custodians are tasked with ensuring that spaces are clean, healthy, and welcoming for all. They address the school's cleaning needs throughout the day and prepare the school to welcome students and staff the following day. Their efforts support learning by reducing absences and fostering a sense of school pride.

    Transportation Department

    The Transportation Department is dedicated to offering safe, punctual, and effective transportation for our students. Our team works diligently every day to ensure students have a secure and dependable means of travel to school and back home.

    School Nutrition Department

    The Nutrition Department remains committed to serving healthy, nutritious meals to our students and staff every day. We also promote a strong Farm-to-School program, offering fresh, locally sourced meals. Compliant with USDA regulations, our federal program meets the nutritional needs of our community's students. The department is responsible for providing nutritious breakfast and lunch daily at all schools.

    Safety and Security Department

    The Safety & Security Department supervises the implementation of building safety measures across the School District, working closely with District Administrators to offer support. The Department consistently develops, implements, and enforces a range of safety and security measures, including Access Control, Accident Prevention, Risk Management, Fire Safety, Emergency Management, School Safety Plans, and coordination with local law enforcement agencies for emergency management.

    School Health Department

    The Nursing Department is responsible for providing direct care to students with chronic health conditions, injuries, and illnesses. They administer prescription and over-the-counter medications as authorized by parents or guardians, develop and implement healthcare plans tailored to individual student needs, and deliver care that embraces the diversity present in the school community. Additionally, they manage and respond effectively to health emergencies, promote health education for disease prevention, and collaborate with fellow health professionals, educators, and parents to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for students to thrive.

    Master Planning and Construction

    In November 2019, the City Schools of Decatur (CSD) initiated a facilities master planning process to develop a plan addressing facility needs and gather community feedback on facility improvements. However, in March 2020, the process was paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the uncertainties surrounding the pandemic, the focus shifted to addressing the identified facility needs through facility assessments. The Facilities Master Plan report outlines the recommended expenditures for maintenance and capital improvements at each facility, along with community feedback gathered for future consideration. These values were updated in March 2024 to reflect work completed between 2020 and 2024. These enhancements' primary aim is to improve conditions at each facility. The remaining sections of the executive summary discuss the data used in the planning process before the pandemic-related delay.

    It is essential to reevaluate the Facility Master Plan in light of any significant changes in programming, enrollment, or unforeseen circumstances. A Facilities Master Plan is a dynamic document and should be treated as such.



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  • Sergio Perez, FMP, SFP
    Chief Operating Officer
    125 Electric Ave. 
    Decatur, GA 30030
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    Christopher Young, MBA, PMP, CFM
    Director of Facilities and Maintenance
    2635 Talley Street
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    Monique Breedlove
    Director of School Nutrition
    540 Kentucky Street
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    LoWanda Bowman
    Director of Transportation
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    Matthew Damico
    Director of Safety & Security
    2635 Talley Street
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    Chanell Huff-Cox
    School Health Nurse Supervisor
    540 Kentucky Street
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